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Are Allergy Drops right for you? Watch this short video to find out.

Are Allergy Drops For You

Allergy Drops - A Better Way to End Allergy Suffering

Are you considering allergy shots? The treatment should not be worse than the disease! Shots are inconvenient, expensive and can be painful.

Now there's a safer, painless and more affordable way to get relief from these allergy-related conditions...

Hay Fever Service
Hay Fever


Seasonal Allergies Service
Asthma Services
Eczema Services
Reduce Work Performance Services
Reduced Work Or School Performance
Low Energy Service
Low Energy
Staying Inside Services
Staying Inside On Beautiful Days
Poor Sleep Services
Poor Sleep

Ready to Start Feeling Better Again? 

Take back control of your life with these three simple steps...


Step 1: Get Allergy Tested

Our at-home allergy test is a finger-stick blood test that identifies which allergens are likely causing your suffering. We test for both airborne and food allergies.  The test kit is sent right to your home. Once you’ve completed the test, just send it back to the lab in the postage-paid envelope. Results are available in only a few days. 


Step 2: Meet With An Allergy Specialist Online

Discuss your allergy test results with an Arrow Allergy licensed medical providers. During this appointment, you'll discuss your allergy test results along with a customized treatment plan to bring you longterm allergy relief.  

Allergy Drop

Step 3: Feel Better With Allergy Drops!

If allergy drops are the right choice for you, then we'll send your customized allergy drops prescription right to your doorstep, from a licensed compounding pharmacy. No need for allergy shots! Allergy drops are a proven-effective alternative to allergy shots that are safe enough to take at home as a once-per-day drops under the tongue. 

Learn more...

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to get your questions answered and discover if Allergy Drops are right for you.


Convenient At-Home Care


Treat the SOURCE of your allergies


Feel great - even during allergy season

Employee Health

What is the impact of allergies on your company’s bottom line? The combined direct and indirect costs of allergies can be material and significant! After all, according to the CDC, at least 30% of your workforce and dependents have allergies.

Thankfully, Arrow Allergy costs 1/2-1/3 the price of traditional in-office Allergy Shots Therapy. If your employer is a client of Arrow Allergy, it's a covered benefit and goes toward your annual deductible. We also offer at-home allergy tests and allergy drops.

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Man Struggling from Allergies

Life is Better Allergy Free - Let Colorado’s #1
Online Allergy Relief Specialists Help You Today! 


Woman Hiking

Live Your Best Life. Here's How:

Save Time - 100% virtual allergy clinic:  Telemedicine visits, at-home fingerstick allergy tests, allergy-drops therapy. 

Feel Better - We offer  Allergy Drops Therapy... a proven-safe, effective treatment taken at home, without the cost and inconvenience of frequent office visits for allergy shots.

Save Money -Get excellent allergy care for a fraction of usual allergy-care costs.

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Getting Great Allergy Care

Should Be Easy

The secret to finally getting the care you need is Arrow Allergy’s 100% virtual allergy clinic. Safe, convenient, proven-effective allergy treatment that brings about long-term relief without shots and without ever having to step foot in medical office.

Getting great allergy care should be easy, cost-effective and convenient. But, most people struggle to find the right allergy treatment. Allergy shots are way too time-consuming and inconvenient for most people to complete. OTC allergy medications are costly, ineffective and many cause major side effects. Alternative therapies may sound good, but who knows if they actually work?

Life is busy! Arrow Allergies 100% virtual care works for allergy sufferers with busy schedules, who want long-term relief without medication side-effects or inconvenient shots. Our online clinic provides telehealth visits, at-home testing and safe-effective allergy drops therapy, all from the comfort of your own home. End your allergy suffering and start living a more vibrant, productive and healthy life!

As we navigate changes to our everyday lives as a result of COVID-19, know that your overall health remains our priority. Our commitment to high-quality care has never been more important as you rely on—many of you for the first time—virtual care. Our licensed medical providers are here to address your allergy care needs and provide guidance as you stay safe in the comfort of your own home, avoiding exposure and the potential spread of the virus. This is a challenging time for everyone. Despite the disruption, stress, and anxiety you may be experiencing, know that we are here for you.

Life is Better Allergy Free -- Let Colorado’s #1 Online Allergy Relief Specialists Help You Today! 


Access our FREE info sheet to find out if Allergy Drops are right for you.

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Download Our E-Book

7 Ways To Thrive During Allergy Season 

Life is too short to suffer through allergy season. Arrow's Allergy specailists offer insight to help thousands of allergy sufferers improve their quality of life. Download our latest e-book and learn about the 7 ways to thrive during allergy season... and 3 things every allergy sufferer should avoid.  

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Download Our E-Book

7 Ways To Thrive During Allergy Season 


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Our Patients Love Us!

  • Arrow Allergy was great to work with it! I was able to have a tele-health visit with Neil and then after our visit, he mailed out an easy to use, at-home allergy test. I had results from my allergy tests within a couple weeks and was able to have a follow-up tele-health visit to discuss the resul...

    Posted On December 5, 2020
  • Neil was very professional and empathetic to my allergy issues. It was insightful to hear what might be exacerbating my symptoms and how certain treatments I’ve never heard of could give me relief. Definitely recommend!!

    Posted On December 4, 2020
  • Our experience was excellent! Our care was professional and personal, helping us apply the allergy information into a manageable plan.

    Posted On December 4, 2020
  • The allergy telehealth process is the most efficient and safe solution I can imagine. I enjoyed a thorough consultation with my practitioner live over the web and the in-home blood test was easy. Lab results were back in a few days and all my questions were answered in a virtual follow-up from th...

    Posted On June 15, 2020
  • I can’t believe how easy this was! Using Arrow’s telemedicine video platform was really simple and the at-home allergy test was a snap to complete and send back to the lab. Thank you for taking the time to really understand my allergy problems and create such a thorough-yet-simple plan. This serv...

    Posted On June 3, 2020

Access our FREE info sheet to find out if our At-Home Fingerstick Allergy Test is right for you.

Life is better without all the itching, sneezing, wheezing and fatigue.

Stop Suffering & Start Living Allergy Free!

We know that allergies are nothing to sneeze at. From itching and fatigue to wheezing and trouble breathing, allergy symptoms are painful, and can significantly reduce your quality of life. 

Arrow Allergy is the first online medical practice focused solely on allergy care. For allergy sufferers who want long-term relief without medication side-effects or inconvenient shots, our virtual clinic offers telehealth visits, at-home testing, and safe-effective allergy drops therapy, all from the comfort of your own home. With help from our tech-savvy, compassionate, licensed allergy experts, you can end your allergy suffering and start living a more vibrant, productive and healthy life.

Our licensed medical providers have helped thousands of allergy sufferers find long-term relief, all without the cost, risk, or inconvenience of a brick-and-mortar allergy office that only offers shots. These shots are time-consuming, costly, and often associated with unpleasant side-effects. With Arrow Allergy, you can reduce your reliance on allergy medications by never having to step foot in a medical office again. 

If you’re ready to stop relying on allergy medications, reduce your medical costs, and enjoy the convenience and safety of virtual care, it’s time to make your first appointment with Arrow Allergy.

Life is Better Allergy Free -- Let Colorado’s #1 Online Allergy Relief Specialists Help You Today! 


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Licensed Allergy Specialists Available for Online Consultation

Arrow Allergy is staffed by friendly, tech-savvy, licensed specialists who are eager to help you find relief.

Neil Smith, PA-C, MBA

Neil Smith, PA-C, MBA

Allergy Care Specialist

Andrew Cunningham, MD

Andrew Cunningham, MD

Allergy Care Specialist

Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge Allergy Relief near Boulder, Fort Collins, & Denver, CO

Specialized Allergy Treatment from the Comfort of Your Home

Our licensed medical providers have helped 1,000’s of allergy sufferers find relief. We help with long-term relief without the cost, risk & inconvenience of allergy shots. Reduce your reliance on allergy medications, which means you’ll experience fewer side effects and see major cost savings. You’ll enjoy the convenience of virtual care, which means never having to step foot in a medical office. At Arrow Allergy, we treat a wide variety of allergic conditions in the most convenient, cost-effective and painless way possible.