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Pioneering Sublingual Immunotherapy - CO | Allergy Drops Therapy

Allergy shots have been the first (and sometimes only) treatment option offered by many allergy specialists for years. Unfortunately, reliance on allergy shots without alternatives has come with a wide variety of consequences for patients, including:

  • Unpleasant side-effects at the injection site
  • More time spent at the allergist’s office
  • The frightening threat of anaphylaxis, or throat-closing
  • Exorbitant monetary costs over long periods of time

The time and money required for multiple allergy shot treatments often leads to patients giving up on their therapy, as they are unable to make or afford their regularly-scheduled appointments.

At Arrow Allergy specialists we saw a dire need for an alternative to allergy shots for the good of our patients. That’s why we proudly offer allergy drops therapy as a simple, safe option to be taken orally for allergy relief. This remote allergy solution is available from the comfort of your home, and our compassionate allergy experts will guide you through every step of administering it safely on your own.

Don’t wait another moment to reduce your dependence on allergy shots and find relief for painful, uncomfortable or even deadly allergy symptoms. Schedule your virtual appointment with Arrow Allergy today and experience the allergy drop difference!

Try Allergy Drop Therapy for Allergy Relief in Denver, Colorado Springs, & Surrounding Colorado Areas

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Allergy drop therapy, also known as Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT), is endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an oral alternative to the traditional allergy shot method of managing your immune system’s response to allergic triggers. Like shots, allergy drops work to gradually build your body’s tolerance to whichever allergen is determined to be causing your allergy symptoms. 

To diagnose your allergy, we’ll send you an at-home allergy test after your initial consultation. Then, we can begin to custom-create your allergy drops in our Denver, Colorado allergy lab. This customization is a vital element of the Arrow Allergy approach to allergy drop therapy: each patient is an individual, which means your allergies will not manifest exactly the same way as someone else with the same type of allergy. With this in mind, it’s essential that we create allergy drops that are tailored specifically to treat your allergies. 

The allergy specialists at Arrow Allergy have helped thousands of allergy and asthma sufferers find long-term relief, all without the cost, risk, or inconvenience of a brick-and-mortar allergy office that only offers shots. If you’re ready to begin your journey toward long-term allergy relief, schedule your virtual consultation with Arrow Allergy’s licensed specialists today.


FAQs on Allergy Drops Therapy

What is the procedure for administering allergy drops at home?

Allergy drops are extremely simple to administer by yourself at home. This is one of the reasons why we prefer prescribing them at Arrow Allergy, as opposed to traditional allergy shots. After our lab has created your custom dose of allergy drops, we will send them to you in a bottle via our shipping system. This bottle contains a dropper, which you will use to drop the exact amount prescribed by your allergy specialist under your tongue. 

Are allergy drops really as effective as allergy shots?

Yes! In fact, the manner in which allergy drops treat your allergies is actually very similar to the way allergy shots do. Allergy drop therapy, also known as Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment (SLIT), works to gradually build your body’s tolerance to whichever allergen is determined to be causing your symptoms. By exposing you to trace concentrated amounts of your allergen -- known as an “extract” -- allergy drops slowly teach your immune system to understand that the substance is not a threat. Eventually, your body will cease to create the over-the-top immune response which causes pain and discomfort when your allergies flare up. 

What kind of allergies can be treated by allergy drops?

We currently offer allergy drop therapy for a wide variety of allergies. Many types of allergies can be classified as “airborne” and treated using allergy drops prescribed by Arrow Allergy (see below). In our lab, we can develop allergy drops which help build your body’s tolerance to any of these allergens.

How much do allergy drops cost? 

At Arrow Allergy, we don’t want cost to be an obstacle to your care, and we’re proud to be transparent and trustworthy about our services. Our allergy drop therapy is dispensed in 3-month supplies for three payments of $99, due at the time of each three-month supply period.