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Online Allergy Visit icon

Online Allergy Visit: $79*

Our private-pay fee for a 30-minute consultation with a licensed allergy expert (physician, PA or Nurse Practitioner).

At-Home Allergy Test icon

At-Home Allergy Test

Our one-time at-home allergy test can be billed to your insurance or employer's health plan.  The maximum out-of-pocket expense is $295. 

Allergy Drops icon

Allergy Drops: $99 /mo.

The drops are dispensed in 3-month supplies. Three payments of $99 is due for each 3-month supply of Allergy Drops. The typical course of therapy is 4 years (same length as allergy shots). Over time, the allergy drops permanently change your physiology, helping you become less-allergic and feel better for good!

*For employees of Arrow Allergy's self-insured-employer clients, we bill your health plan for all allergy services.  If paying cash for our services, we're happy to supply you with the insurance billing codes for you to submit and request reimbursement from your insurance carrier. For most people, Arrow Allergy’s fees end up being much lower than what you’d pay for care at your local allergist’s office.