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Virtual Consultations with Licensed Allergy Care Specialists

Telemedicine has proven to be safer, more cost-effective and more convenient than in-office medical care. At Arrow Allergy, our licensed allergy specialists have helped thousands of allergy sufferers find relief from the comfort and safety of home. During your visit, we'll discuss the following:

  • Your allergy history, including what symptoms you're experiencing.
  • What medications and treatments you've tried, what's worked, and what hasn't worked.
  • Which of our allergy-testing options will be best for helping you find relief.

Getting started is simple: just schedule an appointment online, then click the provided link to meet with your allergy specialist via telemedicine platform. Together, we’ll start formulating a customized plan to help you begin living allergy free.

Online Allergy Visit: $79

If you’re ready to meet with an allergy care specialist, schedule your appointment with Arrow Allergy today.


Testing One

Colorado's At-Home Allergy Testing 

Using our safe, simple, accurate finger-stick testing method, the experts at Arrow Allergy can help you find out what you’re allergic to without you having to leave your house. Here’s how it works:

  • Arrow Allergy will ship an allergy test kit directly to your home.
  • You’ll use the kit to gently collect a blood sample from your finger.
  • Using a postage-paid envelope, you ship your sample back to our lab.

Your results will be ready within just a few days, and our allergy specialists will use these results to create your customized allergy treatment plan. 

We currently offer at-home allergy tests for Airborne Allergies and Food Allergies.

At-Home Allergy Test: 

Don’t wait to diagnose your allergies and begin living pain-free.  This one-time test can be billed to your insurance. We also accept flex spending (FSA) or Healthcare Savings (HSA)  accounts. 


Allergy Drop One

Allergy Drop Therapy for Fast Allergy Relief

Arrow Allergy proudly offers allergy drop therapy as a proven-effective alternative to traditional allergy shots. Allergy drops boast a variety of benefits when compared with shots, all while providing the same long-term relief. Allergy drops are:

  • Less expensive than allergy shots
  • Proven to cause fewer side-effects than shots
  • Safe to administer at home
  • Helpful in reducing your reliance on allergy medication

Allergy drops are easy to self-administer: we’ll ship you your medication, and you can simply drop the prescribed amount under your tongue using a convenient built-in dropper. This treatment works by building your tolerance to the allergen that is causing you pain, fatigue or discomfort  -- just like an allergy shot, but without the invasiveness, inconvenience, or side-effects.

Allergy Drops: $99 / mo.

A proven safe-effective way to bring long-term allergy relief.  A painless, safe alternative to allergy shots delivered right to your home address. 

Ready to drop your allergies and find long-term relief? Reach out to Arrow Allergy to learn more.



Specialized Allergy Treatment from the Comfort of Your Home

At Arrow Allergy, we treat a wide variety of allergic conditions in the most convenient, cost-effective and painless way possible.

Get Started in Three Simple Steps

Stop Suffering From Allergies

Calendar Two

Schedule Virtual Allergy Care Visit

Schedule a telehealth appointment with our licensed medical providers, who’ve helped thousands of allergy sufferers find relief.

Testing Two

Get Allergy Tested

Find out what you’re allergic to with our at home finger-stick Allergy testing kit. Once you’ve completed your test, send it back to the lab in our postage-paid envelope and receive results within a few days from our board-certified Allergy Care Specialists who create your customized treatment plan. We provide both airborne and food allergy testing.

Allery Drop Two

Feel Better With Allergy Drops!

Receive your customized allergy drops at your doorstep, delivered from a licensed compounding pharmacy. As a proven-effective alternative to allergy shots that is safe for your entire family, Arrow Allergy’s top of line allergy therapy makes it easy to get relief fast at home with daily drops under the tongue.